About The Farm

Sun Island Farm is a 10 acre family farm on Vashon Island. We grow all of our fruits and vegetables using organic methods, and we generate most of our animal feed from island sources. We cultivate about three acres in fruits and vegetables, and we also raise pigs, sheep and chickens for meat and eggs. We sell our produce at:

  • the Vashon Island Farmer’s Market,
  • to the local school district,
  • to restaurants
  • Our mobile farm stand. One in Burton in front of the Harbor Mercantile Store (aka. Sandy’s). The stand is up and running in June.
  • Vashon Fresh

Our vision for this farm is to create a small, resilient farm that can provide quality local food to this area. We want to utilize technology in order to maximize our yields and farm using all the best of the new and the ancient farming knowledge available to us. We are stewarding our land by keeping 3/5 in forest, rotating crops, resting fields and building great soil. We want this farm to be a part of the small farm revolution, and we hope to use it to educate young and old on farming and local food production. Thanks for visiting our site. Come visit us on Wednesdays at our farm stand, 24002 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon, WA 98070.