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Sid the Sheep runs for Unofficial Mayor

Our newest addition to the herd, Sid the Jacob lamb, has entered the race for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon. Sid will be running for Vashon Youth and Family Services (VYFS). One dollar equals one vote and you can vote as early and often as you would like. 85% of the proceeds will go to VYFS and the other 15% will go to the Chamber of Commerce. Learn more about Sid’s campaign here and cast your vote today!

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Covid-19 Changes

Due to the closing of the Farmers Market we have started a new farm stand. It is located at 7206 SW 248th St. Vashon WA, 98070 and open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11:00 am until dusk. Currently being sold are peas, asparagus, and kale. Products from All Things Rich and Loppy Lobster Eggs are also available at the stand. Your safety is our priority and all produce is harvested with gloves and a mask. To get updates about the farm stand or to answer any questions email

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Labor Day Weekend

The Labor Day weekend market has been sneaking up for a long time, and now it’s here! This week, our stand will be loaded with strawberries, melons, and lots and lots of corn. If you can’t make it on Saturday, don’t worry, meet us at our stand in Burton on Wednesdays. Have a great end to summer and stay cool in the last days of heat.  
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Saturday Market

Saturday is coming soon and we have lots to offer. Strawberries are flooding us once again so don’t forget to pick up a pint, or two, or six for the price of five. We also have eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, corn, melons, broccoli, basil, salad mix, beans, raspberries, beets, peppers, radishes, kale, a variety of herbs, and plenty of cucumbers. This weeks recommended product is watermelon. Weather you get the yellow skinned, with red inside, or the green skinned with yellow inside, you’re sure to get a sweet crispy and delicious melon.

We hope to see you there!

We will soon be adding a recipe page for ideas on what to get at the market and how to turn it into dinner, be sure to check it out!

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August 2017

Along with updating our website, 2017 has brought changes to the farm. A new pond, an amazing dog, and record strawberry and tomato harvests have sprung into action. But the most exciting innovation is Sun Island Farm airbnb which will be available for booking very soon. If you need to contact us, email us at Thanks, and enjoy the rest of you summer!

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2014 Season is underway!

We are back after a wet winter and spring full of projects to launch us into this new season. The Vashon Farmers Market has begun, and we are proud of the huge number of salad greens we produced for the opening day. This coming week we will be selling USDA grass fed lamb at the market as well. Come check it out. The big news at the market is that three wine/cider/beer producers who have tasting booths each week at the market. We also hear that the weather is going to be great every Saturday! So come on by and check it out.

Our chickens got ahead of us this Spring, but we are catching up, and just set up a little self-serve egg stand at the corner of 75th and 248th on the way to Gold Beach. So if you need some free range eggs from some frequently moved-onto-new-pasture chickens, stop by and pick some up for $6 a dozen.

Farm news is that we will be growing the corn at Monument this year. It is an honor to be able to do so, and we will have a second peak season farm stand there to compliment the corn. Of course we will have our farm stand up in Burton again. We love Burton.

Other big news is our new intern Dylan Jones. He comes to us with a range of skills that we are happily drawing on, and with a desire to start his own small farm in the near future. He believes we need to hedge our bets on the future, and growing food is a great way to do that. He is joining the small farm revolution, and together we are changing the world one egg at a time.

We look forward to a great season.


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Our Mobile Farm Stand

We are so happy to announce that our mobile farm stand, aka the “Rolling Tomato”, is in Burton in front of the Burton Store every Wednesday and Thursday. We think Fridays will work for us too, so look for us then.

Come and see us in Burton and enjoy a cup of coffee, a walk on the beach, or an ice cream from Sandy’s store as you stock up on fresh picked organic island grown produce!


  • Wednesdays, Noon to dusk
  • Thursdays, 10 AM to dusk
  • Fridays 10 AM to dusk


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early spring dreaming of the year ahead


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Spring 2012 Dreams

We are planning for a bountyful season

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