About the Farm

Sun Island Farm is a 10 acre family farm on Vashon Island. We grow all of our fruits and vegetables using organic methods, and we generate most of our animal feed from island sources. We cultivate about three acres in fruits and vegetables, and we also raise sheep for meat and grazing. We sell our produce around the island:

  • at our new farm stand (7206 SW 248th St Vashon WA 98070) open Wednesday to Saturday 11:00 am to dusk.
  • to the local school district
  • to restaurants

Our vision for this farm is to create a small, resilient farm that can provide quality local food to this area. We want to utilize technology in order to maximize our yields and farm using all the best of the new and the ancient farming knowledge available to us. We are stewarding our land by keeping 3/5 in forest, rotating crops, resting fields and building great soil. We want this farm to be a part of the small farm revolution, and we hope to use it to educate young and old on farming and local food production. Thanks for visiting our site. Come visit us on Wednesdays and Saturdays at our farm stand, 7206 SW 248th St. Vashon Wa, 98070.


When we moved here in 2001, this farm was raw land. Historically, this was the Garner farm that produced primarily currants and sour cherries. Our processing building is built over the ruins of the old farm house that burned down in the seventies.

The first thing we did when we arrived with our daughter Adri (who was nine months old) was move the Sealand shipping container on to the land. Joe and his uncle Hugh converted it into a living space. We lived there for the next three and a half years while we designed and built the house.

Each year that we have been here we have grown and expanded our garden into what is now a small farm that provides a portion of our income. Joe also works in the polar regions of Alaska and Greenland for the National Science Foundation as an energy engineer. He designs and installs solar and wind systems that power the remote camps where scientists study the climate.

As a family farm, our kids are very involved in the production and processing happening on the farm throughout the summer. We enjoy working as a family and with our dog Penny. We have three wallabies, and almost twenty sheep. Our sheep have been employed to mow the grass at the Vashon Island Country Club. Noodle, one especially bright sheep ran for unofficial mayor on Vashon in support of Vashon Youth and Family Services (VYFS). Read more about noodle here. Noodle’s younger companion, Sid the Jacob lamb, has officially entered the 2020 race for unofficial mayor, also in support of VYFS. One dollar equals one vote. To support Sid’s bid for mayor and Vashon youth donate here.

vashon island farm dog
Cooling off in the Pond
unofficial mayor candidate on Vashon
Noodle taking a well deserved break.
Sheep on Vashon
Three of the lambs born in 2017